At CCentric, we believe that technology is the last step to achieving success, but it’s not the least. We thrive to design the best business models for our clientele, and also ensure best industry standard, scalable, integration friendly, user friendly, yet secure implementations.

CRM Automation

Though we follow a product/OEM neutral approach, we are partnered with industry’s best OEMs. Our technology teams are adept at designing, developing and providing pluggable and scalable product implementations. Our agile methodology of implementationenables our clientele to reap the fruits of their investments in the same business quarter.

Quality is a key chromosome in the DNA of CCentric. Our test strategies summon live sales cycles and take different paths to test and strengthen the safety and impeccability of the business processes implemented.

Internationalization is a key ingredient of our implementations, making it comfortable for all employees on the field conduct business with ease.


We specialize in integration of CRM system with other systems like SSO, Mobility, Cloud, ERP and various other platforms. Talk to our specialists to understand how the integrations add value to your CRM implementation.


It’s in the human nature to express verbally,thanby putting pen on paper! All organizations universally face the challenge of missing data points due to this obvious nature of employees on field. Providing an app to record the important things is just a beginning!

ENH CCentric innovates by using all the unnoticed features of the PDAs of the era and ensures that recording data into the application is far more fun than a task. Talk to our experts for brilliant & novel ideas in the space of Mobility!


CRM helps businesses understand customer buying habits and demands by applying various processes to a database of customer information. These include lead generation - finding out which customers are most likely to buy again - and cross-selling, where existing customers can be sold other products and services. This information, when combined with the right analytics engine can add value to the organization. Talk to our experts to understand how our business analytics will help you get the best out of your CRM solution.