Every business is unique & so is the business process. Businesses are governed by a lot of factors. However, it ’s the domain and the relevant innovation that takes the organization to its pinnacle. At CCentric, we believe in and adhere to an industry based approach to solutions, thus brining the best practices onboard.

Talk to us for better business modelling and industry standard business frameworks, powered by impeccable technology implementations.


Health & Lifesciences

Increasing costs and unavailability of human resources has drastically changed the way the health industry operates. Long gone is the era of only B2C in the health sector. There is a lot of B2B sales cycle that helps the industry thrive upon.

Evangelists and SMEs of CCentric have rich experience in meticulously creating sales cycle frameworks for the health industry. Our business modelling and relevant CRM deployments have ensured accuracy and transparency in the B2B segment.

CCentric always provides highly predictive analysis for further investments and partnerships to be bolstered for better financial success.



Hospitality is a unique business where a lot of business starts with B2B and transforms to B2C. A lot of business development activity which involves analyzing the sales during particular seasons based on a number of factors shall determine the future course of success. CCentric excels in providing the necessary analytics along with the highly needed sales cycle management.

Our functional modelling teams have worked with multiple customers with disparate business models &successfully developed best predictive analytics frameworks for business development in the hospitality domain.


MRD (Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution)

A beautiful yet precarious term that clouds over MRD industry is “CREDIT”. This is one B2B and B2C segment where sales cycle also includes payment lifecycle.

Our teams including the senior management have the best in industry experience handling this domain. Our teams have worked with IT (software, hardware), Medical, Consumer goods, FMCG distributors extensively. We have successfully created frameworks which have ensured that customers fiscal risk goes down to nadir.





Insurance & Banking