Salesforce Integration with SMS Country

Communication is the key


In the world where everyone is so busy in the daily grind, it is a comfort to provide people with updates. With the dearth of time, eMails, Blogs are a passe. KISS (Keep it simple & smart) is the requirement of the day. 🙂

SMS (Short messaging service) adheres to KISS

In the world of business, keeping customers informed is a key. Albeit, emails are a legal way to intimate, it might be prudent to send SMS for quick updates.

The following might be some of the use cases of sending text messages to Customers.

  1. Order Loading status
  2. Order Processed Status
  3. Order Delivery Status
  4. Order Receipt Status

And much more.


Salesforce CRM, a world leader in CRM and a solution adopted by a lot of enterprises, has been integrated with an SMS solution provider. We have tried to present the integration scenario and a demonstration of few of the use cases on the same.


Latheef Shaik

Latheef Shaik is a passionate Salesforce CRM guy.

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