Salesforce Integration with QuickBooks using Workato

What happens today in the B2B/B2C industry? A CRM and an ERP work perfectly well in their independent silos. Let’s imagine something …

A CRM allows a Sales Rep to create a customer with all details. Sales rep closes an opportunity with the customer. A sales rep, eager for his/her incentive, raises a request for an invoice to be generated by the Finance team via their ERP. Instead, the CRM connects to the ERP, checks for Customer’s details. If Customer records exist, then it will trigger an invoice workflow and send an invoice to the customer, else a customer record is created before triggering the invoice.

How relaxing!

This is exactly, a feat, that has been accomplished, where we have integrated Salesforce with QuickBooks ERP, via Workato.

Kindly see the presentation to understand the integration, followed by a demo.

Latheef Shaik

Latheef Shaik is a passionate Salesforce CRM guy.

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